Very Smart - Many Zones - WoW!

Ultimate Cloud OS for Data Center

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DogeOS is a distribution based on SmartOS and FIFO project. It is made to be the ultimate cloud OS for data center.

  • All industry proven features of SmartOS: ZFS, Dtrace, KVM, Zones and Crossbow.
  • Ready-to-use management console from FIFO.
  • Nearly 100% resource utilization of hardware.
  • No installation time for Resource Node (a.k.a chunter node).
  • Guided, fast (< 10min) provision of the first FiFo (management) zone, and works even without Internet access.

DogeOS is, as similar to Project FiFo and SmartOS, licensed under CDDL. It is free to use.

Try DogeOS now!

  • Click the links in the right sidebar to download the DogeOS release ISO/USB Image.
  • Burn the ISO to DVD or write the USB Image to USB stick.
  • Boot your metal box or virtual box VM to try it.
  • More details could be find in the documentation.