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How To Boot Your Data Center

System Requirement

Generally X86_64 servers with hardware virtualization support (Intel VT-x/EPT) will do. Same as the SmartOS. [Find it here].

Prepare the DogeOS Live on

  1. Burn the ISO to a DVD.
  2. Boot your server (or VirtualBox VM) with the DVD.
  1. bunzip2 dogeos-<version>.img.bz2, and write USB img to a USB drive > 2GB.
  2. Boot your server with the USB drive.

Connect your Servers to form a Cloud

DogeOS network architecture
  • Simply connect all your servers to your switch. They are all Resource Node, which will be VM farm.
  • Select any of your servers to host a special VM(FiFo zone) for management system.

Boot Your Data Center

NO ACTIONS NEED! After the live system booted, it works!
(check chunter with svcs chunter).

The default password for root of DogeOS is the same as SmartOS. Find it in the file /platform/root.password of DogeOS Live.

  1. Select any baremetal box, after DogeOS booted, as root login, and in bash type: /dogeos/bin/fifozone-install↵.
  2. Follow the instructions, and wait it finish. During this you will assign your admin account password, and the your-fifo-zone-ip will be shown in the final congratulation message box.
  3. Then you are done! Go to http://<your-fifo-zone-ip> to manage your cloud (with the password)!