A Brief Introduction

Created by LI, Yu

DogeOS is made to be ...

the Ulitimate Cloud OS

for Data Center

DogeOS is Live OS

no more installation

full cached in memory (~300MB)

and auto upgradable

setup everything without Internet access

DogeOS is based on

roots in illumos/OpenSolaris

SmartOS does indurstry level
  • OS virtualization (Zones)
  • Hardware virtualization (KVM)
  • Network virtualization (Crossbow)
  • Storage hypervision (ZFS)
  • Performance diagnosis (Dtrace)

DogeOS integrates

Project FiFo
the open source orchestration layer of SmartOS

With DogeOS,
  • Tested SmartOS matches stable release of FiFo
  • All necessary packages are packed in single release
  • Restful APIs for dev and Web portal for operator
  • Setup and clustering is made easy with wizards

Try DogeOS now!

  • Install with VirtualBox with the DVD ISO.
  • or try it on real hardware with the USB IMG.